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Colm Cille figures prominently in the history of the island which he chose as a place of retreat and meditation for his monks

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Tory is officially known by it's Irish name, Toraigh

Tory is the most remote inhabited island of Ireland

14.5 kilometres (9.0 miles) off the north-west coast of County Donegal

The island is approximately 5 kilometres (3 miles) long and 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) wide, and 1.38 square miles.

The word Tory comes from the Middle Irish word Tóraidhe which means bandit

The population is divided among four towns – An Baile Thoir (East Town), An Baile Thiar (West Town), An Lár (Middletown) and Úrbaile (Newtown)

Tory is part of the Donegal Gaeltacht and Ulster Irish (Gaeilge Uladh) is the main Irish dialect in use

Tory Island Co-ordinates are: 55°15′45″N 8°13′00″W

Tory Ferry is a proud partner of the Wild Atlantic Way
Tory Ferry is registered as an official tourist service with Failte Ireland

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Torys Wishing Stone, is a flat-topped rock jutting out over the northern cliff-face of Balors Fort. A wish can also be granted to she or he who succeeds in throwing three stones in a row on to the stone.


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