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We've had a makeover! We've redesigned our entire website to be faster, cleaner and even easier to get you aboard. We've included all our favourite images from the ferry and the island itself. In between sections of our text, you'll find fun facts about Tory which will update with a new random fact, every time you load the page.

We've loaded the website with as much information about the island but if you can think of anything that you want featured, please reach out to us on our social channels or our form.


Our tickets have been completely re-designed to include lots of features that we have in our app. You can log in using your Google and Apple IDs or using any other email address to create an account and all your tickets will be available across the app and websites. Alternatively you can just continue to checkout as guest and you'll receive an email with all the information you need to travel.

Features are similar across our apps and website now.

Dates and times are always up to date and now pop up using the same mechanism as our mobile app. We'll even throw some confetti when you purchase your ticket too.

Your Tory Ferry tickets can be viewed online


We're very proud of the entire website now being available in Gaeilge. On our homepage, you can click the Gaeilge link and the whole site is transformed. You can also change languages in the footer on any page too.

Gaeilge is available across the website

Everything Else

We'll be sharing more information about the new site and updates to our apps using our new blog - keep an eye on our facebook for all the latest info too.



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